Residential Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Saturday, October 28, 2023
Progress City (John Deere Lot), 4111 E. 2nd Progress St., Decatur, IL 62521

Please Read Thoroughly

In partnership with the Illinois EPA, Macon County Environmental Management will be hosting a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection event on Saturday, October 28th, 2023. This event is open to ALL Illinois residents. The event will be from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Progress City, next to Richland Community College in Decatur. Residents MUST register in advance for a drop off time. Registration can be done online by clicking the link here or by calling our office at 217-425-4505. Registration will be open on Wednesday, August 23rd and will close at 12:00 p.m. October 27th.

On the day of the event, unregistered parties or anyone who misses their registered time slot will be sent to an over flow lot until there is an available time with no registered parties. There is no guarantee unregistered parties will be able to dispose of their items.

Download and print the flyer for this event.

Register Here

How to Register

  • Participants must be residents of Illinois.
  • Residents must complete the online registration or call or our office at 217-425-4505.
  • Residents must include at the time of registration:
    • Full Name
    • Best contact phone number
    • Email address
    • City of residence
    • Type of items to be dropped off.

Please check your email along with junk folder for confirmation. It is recommended to have the confirmation with you at the time of drop off to avoid any conflicts when dropping off your items.

Registration will close at 12:00 noon on Friday October 27th.


  • This event is NOT open to businesses, institutions, and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Latex paint or Electronics will NOT be accepted at this event. These two items will be sent back with the residents if brought to the collection.
  • While there is no limit on the amount of items brought to the collection, the time slots are limited to one (1) vehicle per registration.

Safety Requirements

In order to keep the collection running smoothly and of course safely, we ask the following:

  • ALL participants MUST stay in their vehicles at all times.
  • At the collection point, designated staff will unload the HHW items from the resident’s vehicle. It is suggested that items be placed in the trunk of vehicle or the bed of a truck for easier access and removal.
  • If an items label cannot be read, please relabel and/or place in new container and label.
  • Please make sure your items are in container you are willing to part with we cannot ensure that containers will be returned. Gas and Oil containers can be return upon request.

UNACCEPTABLE Items at the collection

Agricultural Waste
Business/Commercial Waste
Farm Machinery Oil
Non-lead acid, car, or lawn mower batteries

Propane Tanks
Sharps and Needles
Biohazard waste
Controlled Substances

Fire Extinguishers
Institutional Waste
Radium Paint
Smoke Detectors
Potentially Infectious Medical Waste

ACCEPTABLE Items at the collection

Acids / Corrosives
Cleaning Products
Fuel Additives / Cleaners
Mercury Thermostats & Thermometers
Paint Thinners / Strippers
Aerosol Paints
Drain Cleaners
Hobby Chemicals
Oil Based Paints (NO Latex)
Pool Chemicals

collecting used alkaline batteries for recycling

Alkaline, Lithium, Ni-cad, & Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Insecticides / Pesticides / Herbicides
Old & Outdated Medications / Pharmaceuticals
Antifreeze / coolant
Fluorescent Tubes / Bulbs
Lawn Chemicals
Old Gasoline
Used Motor Oil

Cleaning product, household on green background.

**We hold the right to refuse any item that our contractor deems unacceptable for any reason**

Please call our office at 217-425-4505 for more details or any questions you may have.
We look forward to seeing you at this event!

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