Macon County Environmental Management Department has established two, annually awarded grant programs to assist local governments, organizations, institutions and businesses with projects that advance the goal of the Macon County Municipal Waste Management Plan.

Community Environmental Sustainability Grant

Any Macon County municipal government, institution, organization or business that has not been selected for an award within the past three years is eligible to apply for the Community Environmental Sustainability Grant. This grant may cover up to a total of 70% of project costs with a maximum grant award of $5,000.

Products made from recycled content at Scovill Zoo.

Examples of past grant awards include the installation of a rainwater collection system, the acquisition of recycled content products and the construction of a perimeter around a community garden.

The grant application may be obtained by clicking here or by contacting the Macon County Environmental Management Agency by telephoning (217) 425-4505 or emailing  Applications are accepted through the first business day in April of each fiscal year.

Spring Clean-up and Recycling Grant

spring clean up

Any Macon County public taxing body (city, village, township) is eligible to apply for a Spring Clean-up and Recycling Grant. The maximum grant award is $1,000 and may cover up to 100% of the spring clean-up and recycling project costs.

These grants are typically used for one-day events that provide citizens the opportunity to dispose of large items such as appliances and furniture or recycle such items as eyeglasses, rechargeable batteries, and metal.

The grant application is mailed to municipal leaders each year. Further information may be obtained by contacting the Macon County Environmental Management Agency by telephoning (217) 425-4505 or emailing