Rain Barrel - Terra Cotta

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are available for purchase for $100 each by Macon County residents and business owners by calling 217-425-4505.  The rain barrels are offered in three colors – black, gray or terra cotta.

These rain barrels, which were originally used for shipping food stuffs such as olives and pickles, were repurposed by the Illinois based company Upcycle Products. Each barrel is fitted with a threaded spigot at the bottom for connecting a garden hose or filling a watering can. A screened opening at the top allows water to drain into the barrel from a downspout. A linking hose fitting near the top of each barrel may either be used to direct overflow through a garden hose or connect multiple barrels together.

Rainwater may be easily collected from a roof by directing a downspout to a rain barrel. Because roofs have such a large surface area, even a light rain can fill a rain barrel. The stored water may then be used to give landscape plants a drink during dry spells. As a benefit, the untreated water is filled with micro-nutrients for healthier plants.

Rain Barrel Setup Instructions