Recycling & Safe Disposal of Batteries in Macon County, IL

Rechargeable Batteries

rechargeable batteries
Rechargeable batteries are available in most common sizes.

Rechargeable batteries, including the commonly sized rechargeable batteries such as AA as well as those used in electronic devices, cordless power tools and toys, are collected for recycling at:

Best Buy
1450 Koester Dr., Forsyth, Illinois – 217-875-3241

Daniels Ace Hardware
2809 N Main St., Decatur, Illinois – 217-875-0711

Lowe’s Home Improvement
990 Hickory Point Plaza, Forsyth, Illinois  – 217-876-9750

Rexx Battery
1330 E. Eldorado St., Decatur, Illinois – 217-422-0281

900 Commerce Pl., Forsyth, Illinois – 217-875-9951

Businesses and organizations may opt to internally collect rechargeable batteries using the no-cost recycling program offered by Call2Recyle.

Single-use Batteries

Single use, household batteries, such as alkaline and lithium batteries, are not considered a hazardous waste and may be placed in the household trash.  Recycling for these types of batteries is not locally available.  Mail-in recycling for these types of batteries is available through fee-based programs such as the EasyPak program by Air Cycle Corporation.

Automotive Batteries

Read more about recycling automotive batteries on our Automotive Recycling page.