Electronics Collection Program Changes

Macon County Environment Management Department is committed to serving its residents by operating collection events for electronic devices. With the aim of making services more convenient for residents and ensuring that the department’s services are sustainable in a time of budget cuts, the department has made a couple of changes to its electronics collections.  First, in an effort to significantly decrease wait times at collections, a registration system is being utilized, allowing residents to reserve a time slot in which to drop-off their electronic items.  Second, to help off-set some of the costs associated in operating collection events, the registration process includes a method for pre-paying fees for the acceptance of TVs and monitors.  Except for TVs/monitors, other accepted electronic items may be dropped off free of charge by those with a confirmed appointment.

Macon County Environmental Management Department is funded from a share of the community host fees that are received by Macon County from Advanced Disposal Services, owner of Valley View Landfill.  A portion of the department’s budgeted funds are allocated for electronics collections.  However, to keep up with the demand and costs of services, additional revenue is needed to fully fund electronic collections.  Fees for the collection of TVs/monitors will help defray some of those costs.

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As a reminder, most consumer electronic devices may be dropped off on a daily basis, free of charge, for recycling at participating retailers.  However, televisions and CRT monitors are an exception as options are limited and, in most cases, require fees.

Recycling Programs Offered by Retailers