Recycling & Safe Disposal of Electronics in Macon County, IL

Electronics AssortmentElectronics are accepted for recycling by State Registered Collectors and their participating partners.  Acceptable items vary by collector and may exclude some  of the items banned from Illinois landfills.

Macon County Consumer Electronics Collection Events

Macon County Environmental Management offers periodic electronics collections for certain consumer electronics to be scheduled between April – September each year.

For a list of items accepted at collection events, click here. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions about Electronics Collections page for more information about electronics collections.

Please note that the Recycling Center is only open during special collections. Items are not to be dropped off at times when a collection is not in progress.

Check the Event Schedule for a Residential Electronic Collection Event.
Learn about the reasoning behind recent program changes.

Macon County residents are encouraged to check with their local municipality or township to inquire if electronics are being collected as part of a Spring Clean-up. Macon County government bodies are eligible for grant funding from Macon County Environmental Management to host Spring Clean-ups.

Retailers that Accept Consumer Electronics

Under normal circumstances, most consumer electronics may be dropped off, free of charge for recycling at participating retailers.  TVs and monitors are an exception as options are limited and, in most cases, require fees. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, participating retailers may not be currently be accepting consumer electronics from households/residences. It is recommended that residents call participating retailers to inquire if consumer electronics are being accepted at this point in time.

Best Buy
1450 Koester Dr., Forsyth, IL
Accepts TVs (only tube TVs less than 32″ & flat panels less than 50″) and monitors for a fee of $29.99 per item (limit of 2 TVs/monitors per household per day). Most other technology, home office, and home entertainment devices are accepted for free (limit of 3 items per household per day).  Offers TV haul-away service for $129.99.

900 Commerce Place Dr., Forsyth, IL
Accepts most technology items including computers, flat screen monitors, printers and some audio/video items but does not accept televisions or CRT monitors.  Allows up to seven items to be dropped off per person per day.

The following out-of-county retail locations accept residential electronics.  Most home entertainment and home office equipment and devices are accepted free of charge except for TVs and CRT monitors.  Fees per item are $10 for CRT monitors and LCD TVs, $20 for CRT TVs and $40 for console and projection TVs.

BLH Computers, Inc.
1832 Stevenson Drive, Springfield, IL

BLH Computers, Inc.
123 West Main Cross, Taylorville, IL

Electronics Generated from Businesses

Electronic devices generated from businesses are not accepted in the recycling programs for consumer electronic items. Click here for resources to recycle electronics from non-residential sources.