Recycling & Safe Disposal of Chemicals & Household Hazardous Waste in Macon County, IL

Disposal and recycling options are locally available on a regular basis for some household hazardous waste items such as household paint, medicines, and motor oil. The Guide to Recycling & Safe Disposal has further information for these items.

common household hazardous waste productsFor other types of household hazardous waste, such as pesticides, harsh cleaners, solvents and hobby chemicals, the following options are recommended.

  • Safely store accepted items until a one-day collection is sponsored by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in Macon County or the surrounding area.
  • Transport accepted items to a permanent collection site in Naperville, Rockford, Chicago or Lake County.

Please note that Illinois law prohibits the disposal of the following items in a landfill, regardless of whether or not these items are generated from household sources:

For more information about safe disposal, click here.